Chimney Masonry Repair

CHIMNEY Masonry Repair

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Chimney Masonry Repair

Throughout the year, the weather tends to wear chimneys down significantly faster than other brick areas within a home. Many chimneys also have a clay liner which can break down and cause leaks into the air space around the flue. The unfortunate result is heat and smoke being directed into attic spaces or back into the home, creating a hazardous condition. HBR Chimney in Dallas offers full masonry repair. We specialize in chimney crown repair and replacement which can add not only aesthetic value to a home but ensure the fireplace and chimney are protected from the elements. At a trusted brick and masonry company that specializes in repairing, restoring, correcting, and building all types of masonry projects, no project is too big or too small for us. Whether your chimney is damaged from weather or you have a complex masonry build for the home, HBR Chimney can help.



Bricks Missing in My Chimney / Chimney Repairs

Texas weather tends to be damaging to older masonry chimney components. While there are colder climates than Dallas, our cold cycles still cause constant flex and contractions, ultimately resulting in water leaks and property damage. High heat during our summers can literally bake the bricks of a chimney masonry, causing the mortar to crumble and the chimney crown to fracture. HBR Chimney only hires talented professional masons who can work with a variety of stonework, custom designs, and all kinds of damaged chimneys. Masonry work is no place to cut corners. You need a pro and it’s important to start it and end it that way. We specialize in rebuilding and tuckpointing bricks and mortar, restore the appearance and reliable functionality. Rest assured, we will keep your chimney working safely and efficiently.

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