CHIMNEY Cleaning

A Dirty Chimney Can Put A Home At Risk


Chimney Cleaning

Make no mistake: even fireplaces that are largely unused, the need for cleaning still arises. If you want to keep your home free of wild animals, don’t ignore the need for annual chimney cleaning. Most homeowners with a fireplace like to have the occasional fire. When wood burns in your fireplace, the smoke travels up the chimney and leaves creosote deposits along the walls. If left untreated, the creosote can ignite and start a chimney fire. When we handle regular cleaning, our technicians sweep the chimney interior using special creosote-removing tools. We’ll also clean the flue, damper, firebox, and smoke chamber. We examine the hearth, lining, smoke shelf, chimney chase, crown, and all other components. As a trusted Dallas contractor, HBR Chimney also takes digital photos of any issues in order to devise a quick and effective solution. Backed by a no-mess guarantee, we’ll thoroughly clean the area around your fireplace. 

How Often Should I Get my Chimney Cleaned?

Chimney cleaning depends on a lot of contributing factors such as the age of the chimney and construction type, use of the fireplace, combustible material, gas fireplace vs. wood burning fireplace, date and quality of the last chimney maintenance inspection, documented findings or known issues with the fireplace, and any potential weather or damage from the elements. At the very least, all homeowners should schedule an annual inspection with a certified contractor like HBR Chimney. 


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