We Can Provide Both Video And Pictures Before And After Our Chimney Cleaning


Camera Inspection

Diagnosing a chimney problem without the proper equipment is usually a losing battle. Certified professionals who are trained in chimney science and diagnostics are able to get to the source of the issue, offering a report that is clear and helpful. Once the homeowner has the report, the repairs can be planned and completed so that more damage isn’t sustained in the wait.


Chimney Safety Inspection – Can I Use a Flashlight to Inspect My Fireplace?

Although a flashlight might be one of the tools used by our chimney professionals, it is far from the only tool we use. A flashlight inspection before and after a chimney sweep can help our professional chimney sweeps identify many chimney issues as chimney relining. We also use high definition cameras to share with our customers’ pictures of the flue if there are areas with water leaks before and after cleaning as well as to document any observed problems within the liner. Camera inspections cover those hard to reach places and those not easily seen using a flashlight like the far reaches of your chimney high within the flue. Camera inspections are especially helpful to ensure there are no structural compromises within the venting system, which might go unnoticed by a simple flashlight inspection.

Special CCTV camera system is designed to go inside the flue and offer a view where most cannot look, ensuring we’re are able to inspect even the most out-of-reach places. Chimney Inspection Camera Systems are successfully used for a number of applications including: 

  • Checking the condition of chimney and flues liners
  • Chimney surveying and documentation 
  • Confirmation of suspected crack or other potential flaws in the components 
  • Visual inspection of chimneys prior to lining 
  • Checking for damages after a chimney fire or any sudden disaster that could damage the chimney. 
  • Video documentation for insurance claims 
  • Inspections of any blockages, etc.


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